ContactWrangler 1.1

When was the last time you talked to your Aunt Sue? Don't remember?

ContactWrangler is an application I wrote to mitigate my own forgetfulness. When you click "Update", it loads the contacts from your Address Book, and then searches Mail for the most recent emails sent between you and them. You can set the frequency with which you'd like to stay in touch - and then ContactWrangler will calculate a due date for each contact to ensure that you stay in timely contact and never miss a birthday or anniversary.

Download ContactWrangler 1.1 (June 29, 2007)



Please send me email and let me know how you're using ContactWrangler and if you have any suggestions or bugs to report. As questions come in, I will build a FAQ.


ContactWrangler needs a cool icon! If you're an icon artist, let's talk. I'm looking for a nice 128x128 OS X icon for this application.

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